I was born in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, in 1979. I’ve worked in advertising as a graphic designer and production manager for the last 10 years. I began my career in photography in 2007. I discovered this art form thanks to two people in particular – my girlfriend and my former manager. My girlfriend had a successful modeling career, which allowed me to use her as my muse and inspiration; and through her experience I was able develop my appreciation for the female form and beauty. My manager at Sign Café Magazine, where I worked for …years, introduced me to the philosophy of photography and helped me discover all the opportunities it had to offer. My preferred area of focus is fashion and commercial photography, which is also where my strength lies due to my past experience in commercial graphic production and design. I work best with creative teams with a set vision and confidence. I felt reborn through my passion for photography. I hope to be able to develop my inner feelings and thoughts with anybody viewing my portfolio. Enjoy!